Monday, November 2, 2009

Rest in Peace

I'm sure you could guess that it had to be something big for me to find time to blog, and something big it was. Last night our family pet of 14 years died due to complications of old age. Belle was the sweetest, most beautiful cat, and everyone who ever met her agree that cats don't come better than her (I'd argue that a better pet of any sort there never was).

She has been declining in health rapidly for the last few months, and hasn't been able to eat for a few weeks. She was literally a fragment of the cat she used to be. Nathan held her as her slight body struggled with its last few movements and breaths. She is finally resting peacefully.

After we said our good-byes, Nathan fashioned her a spectacular coffin from a box and duct tape (okay, it may not win any awards, but I can guarantee it's the best that any pet of ours can ever hope for). I wrote a few words on the box, which we'll bury tonight. And as an extra tribute, Isaac wrote a special letter to Belle, which we found next to her this morning. I'd like to share it with everyone:

Dear Belle, I am sorry for the times I was mean . Please forgive me. I am sorry that you died, and I know you are old, but what made you die was you got really really sick and then you died. I am very very sorry that you died. And may you rest in peace in Heaven and you will be good there. Love, Isaac

I think we all echo the sentiments: You'll be good in Heaven, Belle.


Lori said...

I am so sorry you lost your sweet family member cat. Growing up, we lost many a pet and some losses were more tender for sure. i am glad she can jump around and play and not be sick and Isaac's letter to her is so sweet. He has a good heart.

April said...

Isaac is so thoughtful, its nice that she wasn't all alone when she passed on, thanks for sharing Isaac's sentiments. We made many coffins for our poor pets, at least Nathan made it and not the kids they wouldn't be half so morbid as we were as kids we put plastic windows in ours so we could dig them up every couple weeks to see when they were resurrected. It will be really strange not to see her anymore:(

Brandon and Amber said...

I know you already told me today, but I am totally crying reading this. She really was the sweetest cat I ever met and she will greatly be missed!

Livvy's Mom said...

Paula We were so sad to hear that Belle passed on. Our thoughts and prayers are with you! I know that sounds weird to say about a pet but I think that it is like loosing your best friend..... We all loved Belle and are very sad to see her leave but very happy that she is now free from the complications of old age.

Debbie said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Belle. I can't believe how long she lived. It's always hard to say good bye to a part of the family. I remember our cat Molly. So sad. I'm sorry and want you to know we love you all.

charmsbylois said...

It is so hard to loose any family member and our pets are family.

Anonymous said...

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